The tragic History of child welfare

This documentary video tells the tragic story of the Tennessee Children's Home from 1925 to 1950 where children of the poor, unwed, and mentally unstable were spirited away to be put into private adoptions.  Tragically we have not gotten much better.  The stories today of United States parents loosing their children to adoption are just as tragic.  Our history of generational genocide must come to a close.  Please join us in this fight.  


The Family Forward Foundation is a national organization dedicated to the rights of familial integrity, and the rights of parents and children to be free from unreasonable intrusion of the government, as protected by the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.   

Vision Statement The Family Forward Foundation is a national organization committed to restoring the integrity of our constitutionally protected familial rights; promoting the familial rights of choice in education, medical care, and other parental choices, prioritizing familial associations within child welfare systems nationwide; ensuring the rights of families, parents and children in a comprehensive manner to safeguard wellbeing, fairness, justice, liberty, and family stability. 

Through advocacy, education, and developing referral networks of dedicated professionals, the organization seeks to insure that every family is provided a meaningful opportunity to be left intact and to be treated in a fair and just manner when facing government activities that intrude into the day-to-day decisions of child rearing and family integrity. 

Through these efforts, the organization seeks to improve outcomes for children, families, and society.  


- Educate and draw awareness to financial incentives created by the Federal government which have led to the unwarranted and wrongful removal of children from their parents and extended families. 

- Educate and draw awareness to the lack of resources for parents of disabled and mentally challenged children which results in parents facing the unthinkable dilemma of giving up custody of their child to the government child welfare agency to get access to resources 

- Educate and draw awareness to the unwarranted removal of children from their families where medical conclusions abuse have not been properly contrasted against medical conditions or diagnoses that would result in the observed injuries. 

- Educate and draw awareness to the failure of state child welfare agencies to rehabilitate and provide services to families and instead re-home children with strangers under the guise of “best interest” and in contravention of family integrity.

- Educate and draw awareness to generational genocide cause by forced adoption. 

- Educate and draw awareness to the lack of transparency and responsiveness with child welfare agencies which results in prejudice against families attempting to resolve issues which lead to state intervention.  

- Educate and draw awareness to the inhuman treatment of children and juveniles incarcerated for non-violent offenses and placed in foster homes 

- Educate and draw awareness to the right of parental choice in medical decisions making for their children